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Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000313 EndHTML:000022696 StartFragment:000021664 EndFragment:000022613 StartSelection:000021664 EndSelection:000022613 SourceURL: Podcast Episode 25: ICRC Style Wound Care and the NEW Acute Wound Care Management Clinical Practice Guideline –

This Clinical Practice Guideline was written by a fellow 18D with input from around the surgical community.  It reconciles the differences between wound care done in a role 2 or 3 facility, such as serial debridements, with what is taught in the 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant Course with regards to delayed primary closure.  One way is not “right” while the other wrong, it has more to do with the amount of time and resources available to the medic or other provider.  The remainder of the blog post and podcast is meant to be a refresher for those who have already been taught these procedures.  It is also meant to be informational for those medical directors who may not be exactly certain of what has been taught as far as wound care and surgery.  If you haven’t been trained to do these procedures before going ahead with them, it is very likely that you may do more harm to the patient than good.


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