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The Tactical Hemostasis, Oxygenation and Resuscitation(THOR) Group including the 75th Ranger Regiment, NORNAVSOF and others have led the way in re-implementing type-O, low titer fresh whole blood far forward with the Ranger type-O Low titer(ROLO) program. In 2015 the Ranger Medical Leadership along with founders of the ROLO program published the paper, "Tactical Damage Control Resuscitation" outlining in detail why they chose to bring back fresh whole blood at the point of injury. Since that time further studies have strongly suggested that the earlier fresh whole blood was transfused, the greater the benefit to the patient. Shackleford et al demonstrated that the greatest benefit to a patient receiving fresh whole blood occurred within 36 minutes of injury. After 36 minutes no decrease in 24-hour mortality was found.

Blood must be replaced as soon as possible. The Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care also recommends FWB as the first line intervention for patients in hemorrhagic shock with blood products in both second and third place. We cannot ignore whole blood any longer if we wish to deliver the best possible battlefield care possible. Excuses citing logistical difficulty, concerns of safety or lack of information are unfounded. There are multiple ways to ensure our casualties are receiving fresh whole blood. The first is through the Armed Forces Blood program delivering cold stored O-Low titer blood to a Role 2 facility where it is picked up and pushed forward from there. Refrigeration is necessary in order to keep it below 4°C. If going out on mission insulated containers such as the Golden Hour or Golden Minute containers can be used to keep the blood within temperature specs for 24, 72 hours or longer. If dismounted, a transfusion can occur at or near the point of injury with pre-typed, screened and titered ROLO/SOLO donors. Other non-Ranger Special Operations units have since followed suit and have tweaked the name to suit them, hence the new SOLO(Special Operations Low-O) acronym.

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