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In this episode we gathered around a microphone to discuss the management of crush injury in austere environments including a scenario and the answers to our poll.  Go to to take the follow-up, 3-question quiz to make sure you understand the principles of the latest evidence based recommendations. 

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Crush injuries are difficult to manage in the best of circumstances.  In an austere environment by a practitioner with little to no experience they can be overwhelming.  In deciding which problem to address in depth first crush syndrome seemed to be a great choice.  The Clinical Practice Guideline is well on it's way to being released very soon.  As discussed in the podcast, our recommendations are an amalgamation of best practices adapted for our difficult environment.  It is an injury that can happen anywhere to anyone and the correct initial management can make all the difference in patient outcome.  Enough out of me, I'll let Doc Riesberg explain it via his talk he gave earlier this year to the Joint Trauma System Teleconference.

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The following video podcast was recorded live at the JSOMTC during the July 21 2016 weekly Joint Trauma System Teleconference.  Dr. Doug Powell talks about providing critical care in austere environments.  He has been answering tough questions that medics have been asking the Prolonged Field Care Working Group for over 2 years as he simultaneously provided intensive care to sick patients in his ICU.  He has proctored and instructed more prolonged field care and other austere medical exercises than anyone I know.  He is now a Battalion Surgeon for a Special Forces Group and has a very good idea of what is required of a Special Operations Medic.  All of the downloads from the talk can be found at our website:

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In this episode Paul and Scott Weingart of EMCrit wrap up their discussion about issues with ketamine for military medics

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In this episode Paul interviews Scott Weingart of EMCrit about issues with ketamine for military medics

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