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Justin and Sean review the basic concepts with telemedicine.  Often confused with the technology used, telemedicine, at its most basic form, is calling for remote consultation to help manage a patient.

It's a basic concept in civilian medicine, but will require a cultural shift and training to incorporate into SOF and austere medicine.

Luckily, the PFC WG, in conjunction with partners at SOCOM and the medical facilities, are jumping into the problem set to bring you the concepts and solutions to some of your operational challenges.

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In this great podcast Justin introduces the principals of pharmacology that have served him well over the years and have done far more for him than simply keeping him out of trouble.  He also introduces Brad Morgans CRNA who is a wealth of knowledge and experience in not only combat and austere theaters but also in working with and relating to, SOF medics and the challenges we face.  This is the first with more episodes in the series to come. So listen, download, read and understand the principals that, if heeded, can make the lives of you and your patients’ safer and more comfortable.  These principals should challenge you and spur you along to learn more about the drugs in the magic, locked narc box and the effects they will have on your patient.  If you have questions or comments add them to the comments section of this post at


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2: UOP - The Best field monitor for PFC...and a word on hypotensive resuscitation

Now it’s time to bust out some clinical content and talk resuscitation.  You can start today!  You don’t need fancy equipment or tools.  Just reach down and grab something, use a Foley and you’re there…and as a special bonus, you get a little intro on hypotensive resuscitation and why it may not be all that for the long haul…Drs. Phil Mason and Chris Burns are interviewed by Justin.

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This podcast was originally recorded in May, 2014.  Some of the information and discussion about the direction of the Prolonged Field Care Working Group (PFC WG) is a little dated, but this will give the listener some idea of what this PFC thing is all about and how the US SOF PFC WG started out. Dr. Sean Keenan is interviewed about the initial development and concept.  Enjoy!

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